Creator conference for universal creators

Creator economy is an ever-evolving landscape — and as we see it, creators are transforming and shaping the future. This new breed of entrepreneurs are demonstrating it's possible to turn hobbies and interests into viable businesses.

dreamers, mavericks, artists, passion economy contributors and their thousand faces

Hosted by Phyllo and Thousand Faces Club, UniCon is a two-day virtual event that brings creators and creator economy businesses under one roof. This will feature keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Topics we'll explore

Monetization strategies
Influencer marketing
The future of social media
Content creation
Building without platform dependencies


Brianna Siciliano

Community Manager, Mys-Tyler

Cara Leahy

Director of Growth, Mavely

Colleen Stauffer

Head of Marketing, Creative Juice

Corey Livingston

Co-Founder, Splitz

Courtney Allen

CEO, 16X9

Evan Fisher

Founder, FreelanceMVP
Full lineup of speakers

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Why Should You Attend

Learn about new monetization strategies
Build alliances with global creators
Find new opportunities with influencer marketing agencies
Discover & access creator tools that accelerate your growth
Get access to 500+ top global creators
Learn about creator challenges firsthand and provide solutions
Network with partners for new growth opportunities
Create visibility by providing ecosystem support