Join us as we interact with global creators, makers, creator economy enablers, and their communities. Whether you're a creator or working in influencer marketing — you'll take away invaluable insights and get involved in the future of creator economy.

Brianna Siciliano

Community Manager, Mys-Tyler

Cara Leahy

Director of Growth, Mavely

Colleen Stauffer

Head of Marketing, Creative Juice

Corey Livingston

Co-Founder, Splitz

Courtney Allen

CEO, 16X9

Evan Fisher

Founder, FreelanceMVP

Gregory Curtis Jr

CEO, Arecibo

Harsh Vijaykumar

Founder, Brandemic

Ian Johnson

Product Strategy Consultant

Ismael El-Qudsi

CEO, SocialPubli.com

Jacob Choi

Product, Beacons

Jennifer Quigley-Jones

CEO, Digital Voices

Jessy Grossman

Founder, WIIM

Jiajun Lu

Founder & CEO, Akool

Joseph Casabona

Podcast Coach

Justin Moore

Founder, Creator Wizard

Lev Myskin

Head Of Content, Fame

Pawan Rochwani

Founder, Platform For Artists

Prateeka Kamath

Head of Community, Crowdpad

Ross Jenkins

CEO, DigtalME

Shreevar Chhotaria

Independent multimedia creator

Tjeerd Korse

Founder, Dogfluence

Trent Haire

Founder, Creator Campfire

Tyler Chou

CEO & Founder, Tyler Chou Law

Aakash Mehta

Product Manager

Akhil Bhiwal

CEO, Phyllo

Prateek Panda

VP of Marketing, Phyllo

Ronit Ogra

Sales & Strategy Mentor

Shubham Tiwari

Community & Partnerships Lead, TFC

Manya Kotian

Social Media Manager, TFC

Sachin Soundar

Content Creator, TFC

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